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As Sofia’s Travel, LLC continues to celebrate our 5th Anniversary it’s only fitting that we highlight one of our many Explorers that have been with us from the beginning who also happens to be celebrating a special anniversary this year…

I would personally like to introduce you to world explorers Bob & Marj Berguson who, as of April 13th of this year, have been married for 50 years! They are as unique as the world around us and I wanted to share their journey in addition to extending our warmest appreciation and love! I can truly say the world is a better place with these two lovely people in it!

Bob is a retired University Art Professor Emeritus and Marj a retired Junior High Administrative Assistant. They have two sons and 5 grandchildren. During their 50 years of traveling the world together they have lived in Rome, Italy twice and Marj in Salamanca, Spain for 8 weeks. Bob has displayed his art in New Orleans for 18 years at Cole Pratt Gallery, and Dallas, TX for 2 years at Blue Print Gallery with his contemporary abstract art.

Their favorite art galleries around the world are the Louvre, Prado, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Orso in Paris, Fort Worth Museum of Art, Dia Art Foundation, Guggenheim, NY, and Bilbao, Spain, Tate in London, Reina Sofia, Madrid, MOMA and Hirshhorn.

They have traveled all of their lives but now visit the world multiple times annually. They have seen the United States including Alaska and Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean Islands, Panama, Columbia, Costa Rica, Italy, France Spain, Portugal, England, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, and Greece and heading to enjoy the Windmills and Tulips next spring.

Their favorite places to visit are Eastern Europe and The Alpine Countries. 

 We wish them well on their continued travels for many years to come and I can truly say my life has been enriched through my friendship with this lovely couple. Again, Happy Anniversary with all our love from Sofia and Sofia’s Travel, LLC!

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