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Dear Explorer,

We are so thankful for your loyalty, trust and understanding during these challenging times and wanted to let you know that since  2020  when the pandamic started our team of highly specialized destination experts have been advising, supporting and assisting our clients with their travel arrangements around the world. The health, safety and wellbeing of our clients is always our highest priority and imperative that we do our part in these challenging times.

We have been in close communication with all cruise lines, tour operators, resorts, hotels and airlines in the US and around the globe. We are on top of the latest developments from the CDC and will continue to update, advise and assist our clients on a case by case basis  specific to their destination. Global travel is picking up and as countries reopen it is important to note availabilities may be limited and rates may increase because of the high demand.

This has been a time for us to shine as our clients are experiencing our strength, knowledge and expertise first hand...It is our honor and pleasure to serve you! We want to thank you again for your loyalty and trust and we look forward to continuing to exploring the world with you for many more years to come!

Please stay safe, follow the CDC guidelines and continue to support your local businesses. They need you now more than ever! 

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us as we are here for you and fully prepared to assist you!

Current requirements and restrictions on travel

Now more than ever, you may be ready to escape from it all with a great vacation. But many questions loom: Is it safe to travel yet? Is it safe to fly? What if I decide to cancel? We have all the answers and resources to help get you started and to help keep you feeling comfortable and confident about any future travel.. Whether you're thinking about exploring the great outdoors, relaxing on the beach, or just planning an upcoming holiday getaway – traveling is on a lot of people's minds during what seems to be the "new normal". But, chances are, you also have a lot of questions before you're ready to book your next vacation. While the travel situation is ever-changing, we are here for you when you are ready!

***As a reminder, due to the ever-changing requirements of each country travelers should check with their Travel Advisor, the airline, the  CDC and the U.S. Embassy on the country specific information before finalizing travel plans.***