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Sofia Markovich

Travel Insider

Antarctica | Australia/Pacific | Europe

Language: English | German | Arabic | French | Italian 

(800) 378-0747

[email protected] 

"Travel-it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."


I consider myself both fortunate and blessed to have been born and raised in Germany in addition to living in Tunisia for several years. From an early age I was able to travel to many countries taking advantage of the breathtaking beauty and the long, rich diverse histories both Europe and North Africa have to offer.  When I moved to the United States I lived in San Diego and now reside in the beautiful city of Birmingham, Alabama. These experiences ignited my lifelong passion for travel. As your Travel Insider for Antarctica, Australia and Europe my ultimate goal is to create a truly unique experience that will create lifelong memories.

Imagine traveling to the bottom of the world and seeing the magnificent glaciers and frozen terrain of Antarctica! Before you depart on this chilly adventure, spend the day relaxing at an Estancia in Argentina where you can pamper yourself and learn to play polo. Maybe your adventure takes you down under to Australia to experience the great barrier reef, hanging out with the Koala’s and / or simply sitting in a quaint café by Sydney Harbor and watch the sun go down or take in the never ending beauty of the New Zealand fjords. Nothing is more romantic than walking around the streets of Europe taking in the sights, sounds and smells or drifting down one of the beautiful rivers in each region.

Let’s imagine your dreams and make them a reality…it’s time to see the world!

Alice Chien

Travel Insider

Antarctica | Asia | Europe

Language: English | Taiwanese | Mandarin

"Travel Far enough, you will meet Yourself"

I was born and raised in Taiwan, which to me, is the heart of Asia and will always be home even though I have moved to the other side of the world and now reside in Chicago, Illinois. I was able to experience numerous cultures in many of the surrounding countries and learned to respect and appreciate all of the differences that exist in the world. As your Travel Insider for Antarctica, Asia and Europe my ultimate goal is to guide you to the most authentic and/or exotic travel experiences possible.

Imagine wearing a Kimono while picnicking by a river or watching evening fireworks at the summer festival in Tokyo! Doesn’t shopping on a small boat in the Floating Market near Bangkok sound fun? Maybe a river cruise down the Danube or through Venice while experiencing the old world charm of Europe. How about strolling through the Christmas Markets in Bavaria while sipping hot chocolate listening to Carolers? Something a little more adventurous... why not discover Antarctica like modern day explorers!

Whatever you desire the beautiful world is waiting for you to take an adventure. Why hesitate...Go see it!

Maria Bello

Certified Travel Professional

North America | South America

Language: English | Spanish

(800) 393-1052

[email protected]

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” 

I was born in Nicaragua where my passion for travel was nurtured at an early age. Experiencing the many cultures and customs of Central America opened up my imagination and sparked my lifelong love of diversity to include the various food, arts, entertainment and languages each region of the world has to offer. I have been fortunate to have lived in Central America, Mexico and both coasts of the United States which has enriched my perspective of the varying cultures even within the same country. As your Certified Travel Professional for North America & South America my ultimate goal is to create an experience unlike anything you could have imagined.

Imagine strolling through the streets and markets of Cuba or Cartagena eating and mingling with the locals as they share their enthusiasm for their own unique customs. Maybe it is a visit to Guatemala where they have 22 dialects or an adventurous trek up to Machu Picchu to visit the Inca ruins in Peru. The Mayan Pyramids though southern Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Belize are there for exploration. Maybe it’s simply enjoying the palm trees of the west coast and the evergreens of the east coast or a romantic all-inclusive in some corner of Mexico. Traveling will provide you the best education and experiences that you will share for a lifetime.

Are you ready to discover the world!

Maggie Chupa

Certified Travel Professional

Africa | North America

Language: English | Swahili | Chichewa | French

(877) 345-5939

[email protected]


“Life is not measured by the breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away”

I was born and raised in Malawi, Africa, referred to as, “The warm heart of Africa”. I grew up experiencing the diversity of Africa from the varying authentic cultures and foods to the ever changing landscapes and overall beauty of the people and country. I moved to the United States many years ago to find the same diversity exists here as it does there and around the world. I initially landed in Missouri for over 5 years before deciding I cannot take the cold any longer and moved to California where I have resided ever since. Having travelled throughout Africa and North America has afforded me a unique perspective of the many differences that exist in the world. As your Certified Travel Professional my ultimate goal is to help you experience a once in a lifetime adventure that you will treasure forever!

Imagine a photo safari rolling through the savannahs of Kenya as the sun is going down and the animals slow to rest for the day. Picture yourself standing at the base of the Great Pyramids in Egypt, taking a relaxing river cruise down the Nile or climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. If you prefer traveling shorter distances maybe its enjoying the beautiful cosmopolitan cities of the United States like New York or San Francisco. Maybe it’s a luxurious cruise through the islands or simply a romantic getaway to an all-inclusive tucked away in some glorious beach setting.

It's time to enjoy all of the diversity the world has to offer... Are you ready for your journey!

Charity Miller

Certified Disney Vacation Expert

 Disney Adventures | Disney Cruises | Disneyland | Disney World | Asia Disney | Euro Disney

Language: English | Disney

[email protected] 

“Unbelievable sights, Indescribable soaring feelings, tumbling free-wheeling through an endless sky” 


I was born in Japan at Camp Zama but grew up moving around a great deal as my father was in the Army. I have lived in Japan, Germany and all over the United States to include Massachusetts, Texas and North Carolina before settling in Alabama. I can only assume my love for everything Disney grew out of our moving because there is nothing better to break the ice with new friends in every new city than Disney. Everyone loves and can relate to Disney in some way! As your Certified Travel Disney Vacation Expert my ultimate goal is to help you and your family find a dream vacation somewhere in the world of Disney!

Disney is much, much more than just a theme park located around the world. You and the family can enjoy a magical pixie dusted vacation from Florida to Shanghai and Norway to Hawaii. Disney has something for everyone whether it is a theme park adventure to a resort with lazy days lying around the pool or maybe a Disney Cruise sailing to some enchanted destination on a long winding river throughout Europe or the vast or ocean to an exotic port!

There is always some place to see and something to do so where ever your heart wants to it in Disney Excellence!